7 Signs Her 0rgasms Are Fake

It’s a scientific fact that most men take less time to achieve 0rgasm than women.  There’s nothing worse for a man than coming up short in the bedroom.  It’s important to practice, practice, practice to make sure a woman climaxes.

Women often fake their 0rgasms to make men feel better about themselves.  A savvy man knows if she fakes it or not.  Some women achieve 0rgasm easier than others; it’s not uncommon to meet a woman who has never climaxed.

Here are 7 signs her 0rgasms are fake.  Next time you do it, keep these signs in mind!

#7 Talkative

If she is able to speak mid-0rgasm, then she definitely isn’t enjoying it as much as she is making it seem.  When a woman has an 0rgasm, she will gasp for air and only muddled words will come out of her mouth.  She won’t be saying “Oh, Johnny” in a perfectly clear voice.

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