This Is Why Buttons On Men’s And Women’s Shirts Are On Different Sides.

He denies it at first, as the suit fits him like a glove — but then he realizes the cold hard truth about his new suit: The buttons are on the wrong side of the jacket. Women’s buttons are generally on the left, while men’s are on the right.

It made for a hilarious moment on the show, but did you ever stop to think why the buttons switch side according to gender? It turns out that there’s a few historical theories on the matter, including ideas about Napoleon, sword-fighting, and breastfeeding. Learn more about this curious trend below.

One theory claims that Napoleon had some issues with the buttons on his shirt.

In all his portraits, Napoleon had his right hand tucked into his coat — believe it or not, it was a sign of “good breeding” at the time,m and his buttons were on the left. Because Napoleon felt men were superior and was sick of women mocking his signature posed, he allegedly demanded that women’s buttons be moved to the opposite side.

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